The Best Beaver Creek Resort Homes Rentals

  • Beaver Creek

    Beaver Creek is the center of activity for Beaver Creek Resort. Located high in a beautiful mountain valley, Beaver Creek Village enjoys sweeping alpine views. The village itself is the definition of luxury and convenience. Accommodations vary from luxury condos to sumptuous private homes.

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  • Bachelor Gulch

    Bachelor Gulch is a lux neighborhood located on the mountain west of Beaver Creek Village. Ski access to Beaver Creek is convenient via the Bachelor Gulch lifts. Access to the village is easy using free bus service or a quick quick drive. Accommodations in Bachelor Gulch are mostly luxury private homes.

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  • Arrowhead

    Arrowhead is another semi-independent ski area with access to Beaver Creek. This residential neighborhood is a mix of condominiums and private homes, and home to Country Club of the Rockies.

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  • Avon

    Avon sits at the bottom of Beaver Creek Valley and has gondola access to Beaver Creek Resort. Accommodations in Avon offer great value considering the convenience to Beaver Creek.

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  • Edwards

    Edwards is a local town just south of Beaver Creek Resort. As a real town, Edwards offers traditional amenities such as shopping and dining. Accommodation range from affordable condos to private homes. Access to Beaver Creek will require a car.

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  • Cordillera

    Cordillera is a luxury community several mile west of Beaver Creek. This neighborhood features two incredible mountain golf courses and exceptional views. Resort access requires a vehicle, but what you give up in proximity you gain in ambiance and more affordable luxury.

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  • Eagle Vail

    The Eagle Vail community is located midway between Vail and Beaver Creek, and offers excellent value. Both mountain villages are a 20 minute drive, so having a car is advised. Eagle Vail also boasts an excellent mountain golf course.

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