Breckenridge Mine Tours

Thing To Do Breckenridge Mine Tours

Did you know that Breckenridge was a bustling town before it was a ski resort? So how did Breckenridge come to be in the first place? Gold mining! There’s no better place to begin your understanding of the early days of Breckenridge than with a mine, ghost or historic tour. Gold fever drove men and their families to travel thousands of miles through the wilderness in hopes of hitting the motherlode in the Blue River Diggings.

Travel underground to see what it was like to work in the depths of the earth with tours at the Country Boy Mine and the Washington Gold and Silver Mine. Try panning for gold in a running creek at Lomax Gulch, or embark on a historic hike or snowshoe up Iowa Hill or Sallie Barber Mine trail. If you’re looking to explore historic Breckenridge by night, try a ghost or cemetery tour through town.