Things To Do Golfing in Streamboat Springs

Golfing in Streamboat Springs

While our golf season might be short compared to more tropical destinations, we can say that waiting for the snow to melt in order to play one of Steamboat’s picturesque golf courses is well worth the wait.

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Things To Do Hiking in Steamboat Springs

Hiking in Steamboat Springs

Steamboat Springs is surrounded in almost every direction by National Forest and Wilderness Areas with many trailheads close to town. Whether you are looking for a couple hours' hike, or a multi-day backpacking trip, Steamboat is fortified with ...

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Things To Do Steamboat Biking/Cycling

Steamboat Biking/Cycling

With over 500 miles of pristine singletrack mountain biking trails throughout Steamboat and Routt County, plus the World-class Steamboat Bike Park, miles of paved county roads, and even more unpaved gravel roads for those of you into cycling’s ...

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Things To Do Steamboat Hot Air Balloon Rides

Steamboat Hot Air Balloon Rides

Soar above Steamboat in a hot air balloon. This unique 45-minute ride includes breakfast, a champagne ceremony, brag-worthy photo opps, and a whole new perspective on our beautiful valley.

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Things To Do Steamboat Hot Springs

Steamboat Hot Springs

Our collective love of hot springs predates our love of snowsports by about 100 years. Yes, long before Steamboat Springs was a ski town, visitors came from miles around to relax and recover in our natural hot springs.

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Things To Do Steamboat Springs Rafting

Steamboat Springs Rafting

When you have winters as robust as we do, rafting is an exciting way to experience Steamboat and the surrounding area. Head over to Bucking Rainbow downtown for everything you ever wanted to know about rafts and rapids....

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Things To Do Steamboat Summer Activities

Steamboat Summer Activities

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Things To Do Steamboat Summer Fly Fishing

Steamboat Summer Fly Fishing

With over 6000 miles of fishable waters and 2000 lakes, it’s no wonder that Colorado fishing is “off the hook”.  Affectionately dubbed “trout heaven here on earth”, regardless of how much you catch, the Rocky Mounta...

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Things To Do Steamboat Summer Horseback Riding

Steamboat Summer Horseback Riding

With cowboys on every corner, no one can argue that Steamboat was meant to be experienced on horseback. It’s a tradition that dates back to our founding and the Western heritage is alive and well in Steamboat. Just ask the many family-owned ran...

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Things To Do Steamboat Tennis & Pickleball

Steamboat Tennis & Pickleball

Pickleball is exploding in popularity in Colorado and across the country. Enjoy tennis and pickleball year-round in Breckenridge with indoor and outdoor options. Pack your raquet or paddle along with your summer gear and head over to one of seve...

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Things To Do Tubing the Yampa River

Tubing the Yampa River

Floating the river is always a Steamboat favorite! Tubing the river is pretty unique to Steamboat. Other Colorado towns may try to emulate the experience, heck, Disney even tries to emulate the experience! Rest assured, there is no substitute for the...

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